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This needn't be sexual, but this is the type that's the most compatible with polyamory in its various forms.

The most obvious example is a straight-up threesome: Alice, Bob, and Charlie are happily in a relationship together. Say, Bob and Charlie are close friends and roommates, then one day Charlie's sister Alice comes over for a visit and sparks fly between her and Bob.

She could be playing both of them, but if Charlie is knowingly in on the affair, it could destroy his relationship with Bob should the latter find out. Bob and Charlie are attracted/loyal to each other but are also attracted/loyal to Alice. Alice is in a relationship with Bob and Charlie, but Bob becomes attracted/loyal to Charlie.

Bob and Charlie might be best friends or siblings, and much of the conflict comes from wanting to pursue Alice but not wanting to hurt the other. Bob and Charlie may or may not know about the other's involvement with Alice.

She was very convincing and I believed everything she said.

For the purpose of work, study, participating in SASTS exchange program during the period not exceeding ninety (90) days, the visa is still required.Bob is unaware/neutral (leaving Alice as a Hopeless Suitor), or is aware of the interest and can't/won't reciprocate (leaving Alice in the "friend zone"). If Alice is Axe-Crazy (or otherwise extremely jealous), she might attempt to Murder the Hypotenuse.As the most complicated set of relations which is compatible with both monogamy and heterosexuality, this is very common. Alternatively, Alice might just want her beloved to be happy, and try to set Claire up with Bob.Alice wants Bob and Claire, who are already in a relationship.In this one, the "want" may or may not be sexual in nature—this could just be a platonic thing. Alice is in a relationship with Bob, but she's also in a relationship with Charlie.

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