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Currently, women have many of the same rights as men.The law that legalizes divorce is the New Civil Marriage Law which was first introduced as a bill in 1995.Voting had just become mandatory for all Chileans and was the first time in history registration for female voters increased from thirty-five percent to seventy-five percent.The Christian democratic change of government opened women’s access to birth control.However, the government’s emphasis on the modernization of women institutions and underlying issues of gender hierarchy, women in poverty were neglected.

In comparison to the United States, Chile did not have so many feminists among its evolution of women’s intrusion to the political sphere.Other elitist Chilean women followed her bold lead, which resulted in the anticlerical liberal party of congress to pass a law denying women the right to vote. Lepe and other elite women expressed their religious standings to the conservative party.The conservative party were favorable of the women because they knew their support would influence the conservative party’s domination in politics. Social Catholicism- upper class women’s organization of working class women-was led by Amalia Errazuriz de Subercaseaux.There had been previous divorce bills before, but this one managed to secure enough conservative and liberal support to pass.Before the legalization of divorce, the only way to leave a marriage was to obtain a civil annulment which would only be granted by telling the civil registrar that the spouse had lied in some way concerning the marriage license, thereby voiding the marriage contract.

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Amanda Labarca was also an elitist, but disagreed with the privileged women’s subjection of working class women and founded the ladies reading club.