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Special adult school classes help adults prepare to successfully complete the GED test.

These classes are often a fast track for adults who want to obtain the certificate that is equivalent to a high school diploma as quickly as possible.

Some schools call these programs Career and Technical Education; others call it vocational training. In addition, many adult schools can guide immigrants through the citizenship process at the same time they are learning English.

Most California Adult Schools offer classes for adults who grew up speaking a language other than English. Sometimes, ESL and adult school classes that lead to citizenship go hand in hand.

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There is a range of classes to meet a variety of needs—from students who have had little exposure to English to those who have a good background in English and just need to improve their skills. The California Adult School high school diploma program is designed for adults who did not finish high school.

A test will determine which class is best for each student. The program meets the same graduation requirements found in regular high schools.

However, students work at their own pace with no pressure, often in small classes.

Independent study programs, with periodic individual teacher-student conferences, allow some students to complete graduation requirements without classroom work.

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